Concrete Washout Solutions is located in Jackson, NJ. Our concrete waste disposal company was created to service the construction industry with a safe, responsible, and environmentally friendly alternative to the old worksite concrete washout systems.


Concrete Washout Solutions’ primary product is a patent pending concrete washout container that controls, captures, and contains all concrete washout wastewater and material.

The services that Concrete Washout Solutions offers are safe, responsible, and environmentally conscious alternatives to the old worksite concrete washout systems. We utilize a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to concrete washout sites, and we’re quickly becoming the industry standard in concrete waste management, washout removal, and recycling.


Concrete itself, once hardened, is inert and harmless to the environment. However, we know that concrete or cementitious washout wastewater containing mortar, grout, plaster, stucco, or cement is caustic and considered to be corrosive with a pH over 12. Concrete washout water has a toxicity level greater than ammonia and near the same pH level as pouring Drano into the storm drain. Washout of concrete equipment must be done with careful regard to its impact on the environment. The wastes from concrete washout can harm the environment if allowed to runoff from construction sites. As populations have grown and construction has expanded into new areas, building sites without proper concrete waste disposal have become a significant environmental concern.


Concrete Washout Solutions understands the importance of balancing construction with environmental impact concerns. That’s why we are totally committed to fulfilling our responsibility to protect the environment while providing customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships with members of the construction industry.