1. Your Site Needs A Pollution Prevention Plan

    One of the biggest problems construction sites face is handling cleanup in a manner that is quick and effective while also adhering to regulations. Unfortunately, sometimes cleaning up concrete mixers, chutes, wheelbarrows, or even hand tools can contribute to urban runoff pollution without a proper washout system in place. That's because contaminants in concrete can seep into the local waterways …Read More

  2. concrete washout pouring out of truck

    How This Concrete Washout Solution Keeps Your Site Efficient

    You need your job site to be efficient without going over budget, risking the environment, and wasting your resources. People like to cut corners when it comes to concrete washout pollution management. We often see tons of jobs get hit with astronomical EPA fines and fees which become an enormous hindrance financially as well as logistically for the remainder of the project. To add insult to injur…Read More

  3. The Solution to Pollution: Why We’re the Responsible Choice

    Both on our blog and in our emails, we’ve explored the importance of effective concrete washout to prevent damage to the environment. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at both the environmental impact of concrete washout as well as what makes Concrete Washout Solutions the responsible choice for your construction projects.  Be sure to explore our blog for more information on concrete w…Read More

  4. Types of Concrete: An Overview

    Did you know that concrete is one of the most commonly used construction materials in the world? If there’s construction happening, then you can pretty much guarantee that there’s some form of concrete involved. But, not all concrete is the same. There are many varieties of concrete that serve a range of projects and circumstances. In fact, not every type of concrete even requires concrete was…Read More

  5. Tips For Managing Concrete Washout

    As we’ve discussed in previous emails, there are a variety of ways that you can approach safe disposal of concrete washout material. Concrete Washout Solutions has revolutionized the industry with cutting-edge technology to bring you the best options for concrete washout containers. Nevertheless, there are alternative options available for concrete washout. Our previous email talked about the al…Read More

  6. Why Concrete Washout Pits Are A Thing Of The Past

    When it comes to concrete waste disposal, you simply can’t beat the technology used by Concrete Washout Solutions. We have combined technological innovation and unparalleled work ethic to bring you top quality concrete waste disposal. Nevertheless, some construction sites will opt for concrete washout pits — which are typically make-shift dirt pits that are used for holding concrete washout ma…Read More

  7. Environmental Impacts Of Concrete Washout

    Concrete Washout Solutions takes seriously the potential environmental impacts of concrete washouts. Of course, we want to ensure that all of the equipment — from the truck drums to the chutes to the hand mixers — is efficiently cleaned and operating to its full capacity. But concrete washout services are not just about ensuring the functioning of the equipment. Our services are geared toward …Read More

  8. Nitty Gritty: The Basics Of Concrete Recycling

    Our newsletters have taken us through the basics of concrete washouts, as well as outlining some of the services that make Concrete Washout Solutions stand apart. Our previous newsletter looked at why and how Concrete Washout Solutions has worked to become the industry standard for concrete waste disposal. We offer exceptional, safe, and environmentally-conscious services to the New Jersey and Phi…Read More

  9. Concrete Washout Solutions: Our Services

    In our previous newsletter, we explored some of the common ways to deal with concrete washout on a construction site. This included hay bail and plastic-lined washout pits, which can be difficult to install, require a good deal of maintenance, and cause the concrete solids unacceptable for recycling. We also looked at vinyl containers, which have their advantages but are not suitable for larger jo…Read More

  10. Options For Concrete Washout: What Sets Us Apart

    There are a variety of job sites that call for concrete washout. As we discussed in our previous email, concrete is a mixture of cement, water, and aggregate material, and when concrete is used on a construction site, two things need to happen. One is that the concrete needs to be washed out from the trucks, chutes, tools, etc. before it hardens; and two, the resulting material must be collected a…Read More