In our previous newsletter, we explored some of the common ways to deal with concrete washout on a construction site. This included hay bail and plastic-lined washout pits, which can be difficult to install, require a good deal of maintenance, and cause the concrete solids unacceptable for recycling. We also looked at vinyl containers, which have their advantages but are not suitable for larger jobs due to their limited capacity.

Today, we will explore in more detail the services offered by Concrete Washout Solutions, the leading concrete waste management, washout removal, and recycling company for the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas. We will take a look at why and how we have been able to establish the industry standards.

Safe and Environmentally-Conscious

As indicated by the above options, not all concrete washout services do much in the way of protecting the environment. At Concrete Washout Solutions we recognize the fact that one of the primary reasons for concrete washout is to prevent the run-off of hazardous materials. Of course, concrete washout is essential to maintain equipment and save money in the long-run. At the same time, the cementitious slurry that results from concrete washout is flush with toxic metals, mortar, grout, plaster, and other materials that are caustic and corrosive.

One of our main goals is to safely and effectively dispose and recycle concrete wash-water and solids. We care about the impact we have on the environment and we take steps to ensure the safe removal and transport of all materials. Your job site and the environment are in good hands with the resources of Concrete Washout Solutions.

Our Containers

Concrete Washout Solutions provides effective, safe, and sizeable containers for concrete washout — unlike the easily-damaged and ineffective plastics and small-sized vinyls used by other companies. We provide two primary types of containers.

Ramped Concrete Washout Containers

Our ramped concrete washout containers have a massive capacity for concrete washout. These containers can hold nearly 900 gallons of wash-water, which is a capacity for concrete washout from approximately 3.5 football fields worth of poured material.

Our ramped concrete washout containers come with ramps and ramp extensions that fold onto concrete washout box. There is also a wood or metal catwalk that affixes across the width of the washout box to allow for an overall easier washout process.

Rampless Concrete Washout Containers

We also offer rampless concrete washout containers. These come equipped with the ability for hook points for easy commercial application. The rampless concrete washout containers have a capacity for 400 additional gallons of concrete washout or containment for approximately 45 concrete trucks.

Enviro-Vac System

In addition to our containers, Concrete Washout Solutions offers a patent-pending Enviro-Vac System that comes equipped with our roll-off trucks. Our Enviro-Vac System allows our drivers to vacuum the concrete wash-water and remove or replace the container as needed.

Concrete Washout Solutions

You can learn more about the services offered by Concrete Washout Solutions by visiting our services page. There’s a reason why we’re quickly establishing ourselves as the industry standard. We provide safe, efficient, and environmentally-conscious concrete washout services to the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas. Stay tuned for more newsletters about the goings-on of our company and the industry at large.