June 24, 2006

Elk Grove, CA (PRWEB) June 24, 2006 — Concrete Washout Systems, Inc. announced today that Concrete Washout Solutions LLC is now providing the Concrete Washout Systems (CWS) solution in southern New Jersey and Philadelphia. Concrete Washout Systems provides the construction industry’s best management practices for construction waste removal — particularly concrete washout waste removal and treatment.


Concrete Washout Solutions LLC is a division of Down To Earth Landscaping of Jackson, New Jersey, a large provider of erosion control and landscaping services to the construction industry. “The Concrete Washout System is the most innovative and effective method for builders to meet their environmental mandate to properly contain and eliminate caustic washout waste” stated Bill Merkler, president of Concrete Washout Solutions. “Previously, concrete washout was poorly contained in plastic-lined pits prone to leakage. Now we are able to offer a portable and water-tight concrete washout containment solution that can be moved throughout the construction site as needed. We have already received orders for this concrete waste disposal solution from several home builders in our area.”


“We are very excited to partner with Bill and his team in providing the CWS solution in southern New Jersey and in the Philadelphia metro area, given their extensive background and expertise in erosion control and stormwater protection services to home builders in those markets,” said Mark Jenkins, President of Concrete Washout Systems, Inc.


About Concrete Washout Systems, Inc.

Concrete Washout Systems is a concrete waste management industry pioneer providing solutions for concrete washout and wastewater removal, treatment, and recycling. The company develops technologies that reduce the potential sources of water pollution from construction sites.