Ramped Concrete Washout Containers

We don’t believe in the ineffective plastic, small, and easily damaged concrete washout containers other companies use. In fact, our ramped concrete washout container nearly holds a whopping 900 gallons of wash-water — a capacity for concrete washout from approximately 3.5 football fields’ worth of poured material. 

  • Holding Capacity: 5.5 cubic yards (nearly 900 gallons)
  • Dimensions: 20 feet x 8 feet in transport position; 26 feet x 8 feet in site position
  • Ramp Extensions: 3 feet extensions that affix to the end of the ramp
  • Catwalk: 8 feet x 12 inch wood or metal catwalk that affixes across the width of the box
  • Wheel Stop: Lowered ramps against bulkhead creating wheel-stop for trucks using ramps

Enviro-Vac System

As industry leaders in concrete washout and concrete waste disposal, we are proud to present our patent-pending CWS Enviro-Vac System. With these vacuum services, our drivers can vacuum the concrete wash-water and then remove and replace the concrete washout container if needed; our vacuum trucks can also maintain your concrete washout box that doesn’t need removal. All of our roll-off trucks are equipped with this additional concrete washout solution.

EPA Regulations

We all know concrete is harmless to the environment once hardened; however, the concrete washout wastewater can contain mortar, grout, plaster, stucco, or cement and be corrosive with a pH over 12. This means concrete washout water has a higher toxicity level than ammonia and a pH level similar to Drano poured into a storm drain.

Knowing this, it’s clear why concrete washout is addressed by EPA regulations. By working with us for concrete waste disposal in New Jersey and Philadelphia, you can ensure you don’t pose an environmental concern.

Concrete Washout in New Jersey and Philadelphia

You can count on Concrete Washout Solutions and our ramped concrete washout container to get the job done right time after time. Learn more about us and contact us today to handle your concrete washout. When it comes to concrete washout in New Jersey, our team is here to help ensure that your jobsite, your crew, and your local ecosystem are protected. Best of all, we are proud to be the solution you’ve been looking for that saves you time and money, meets EPA regulations, services your project, and protects the environment. Reach out now to get the help you need and rest assured that you’re in good hands. We look forward to working with you!