Rampless Concrete Washout Containers

Here at Concrete Washout Solutions, we only use the best of the best — meaning you won’t find small, easily damaged, or ineffective plastic concrete washout containers. Instead, you’ll find concrete waste management you can count on. Our rampless concrete washout container holds nearly 400 additional gallons of concrete washout; that’s the capacity for concrete washout from approximately 450 yards of poured material or containment for approximately 45 trucks!

  • Holding Capacity: 6 cubic yards (nearly 400 additional gallons)
  • Dimensions: 12 foot length x 8 foot width x 2 foot height
  • Hook Points: Can be configured with hook points for commercial applications

Enviro-Vac System

We’ve been leading the industry of concrete washout for years, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. In an effort to continue innovation and improve productivity, we are pleased to present and use our patent-pending CWS Enviro-Vac System. Our drivers can operate these vacuum services to vacuum the concrete wash-water and then remove and replace the concrete washout container; we can also maintain your concrete washout box without removal if needed. All of Concrete Washout Solutions’ roll-off trucks are equipped with this revolutionary new feature.

Infographic detailing the benefits of rampless washout containers.

EPA Regulations

Of course, one of our top concerns with concrete waste disposal is ensuring there is no damage to the environment and that our clients are compliant with EPA regulations. Although hardened concrete is harmless to the environment, the concrete washout wastewater is anything but. In fact, concrete washout water has a higher toxicity level than ammonia and a pH level similar to Drano due to the contaminants within (such as mortar, grout, plaster, stucco, and cement). 

When you work with us on your concrete washout system in and around New Jersey and Philadelphia, you can rest assured that you’ll be EPA compliant, avoid fines, and protect the environment. 

Concrete Washout Containers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

There’s no wiggle room when it comes to concrete washout in New Jersey: you need the job done right the first time and every time. That’s where you can depend on Concrete Washout Solutions and our rampless concrete washout container. Simply put, we help keep your jobsite, your crew, and your local ecosystem safe from the damaging effects of concrete washout. No matter your specific needs, we’d love to lend a helping hand. Contact us today to schedule your concrete waste disposal. By working with us, you’ll save time and money, meet EPA regulations, and protect the environment — and you’ll experience what it’s like to partner with the most trusted name in the concrete washout industry in New Jersey. We look forward to hearing from you!