June 26, 2006

Elk Grove, CA (PRWEB) June 26, 2006—Concrete Washout Systems, Inc. (CWS), announced today that the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released a fact sheet outlining the Best Management Practices (BMPs) for the containment of concrete waste, including concrete washout liquids and solids that result from the cleaning of concrete trucks and pumps. The fact sheet highlights the importance of proper containment of concrete washout at construction sites, “The wash water is alkaline and contains high levels of chromium, which can leach into the ground and contaminate groundwater. It can also migrate to a storm drain, which can increase the pH of area waters and harm aquatic life.”


In addition to consequences of concrete washout pollution, the fact sheet outlines the problems typically associated with self-installed concrete washout pits, “… self-installed structures are much less reliable than prefabricated containers and are prone to leaks.” The EPA fact sheet also recommends that concrete washout systems be placed “in a location that allows convenient access for concrete trucks, preferably near the area where the concrete is being poured.”


Mark Jenkins, President of Concrete Washout Systems, Inc, stated, “The EPA fact sheet highlights the advantages of our portable, patent-pending product, over previous methods that were expensive, hard to maintain and prone to leakage. We pride ourselves in helping builders easily cope with an otherwise difficult compliance problem.” Jenkins continued, “Previous to the development of our product, builders were forced to build plastic-lined pits surrounded by hay bales. When these pits failed, the caustic washout liquid could seep into groundwater or, even worse, storm drains, which puts fish and other aquatic life at risk. Additionally, these methods typically did not allow for the easy recycling of the hardened concrete as our concrete washout system does.”


The Concrete Washout System, which is delivered on a standard roll-off truck, is a portable, self-contained and watertight concrete washout container that can be moved throughout the worksite as needed.


The Concrete Washout System is licensed to independently owned and operated CWS partners. CWS is accepting applications for licensed partners to distribute concrete washout containers in select markets. Currently, Concrete Washout Systems has licensed partners operating in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Texas.


About Concrete Washout Systems, Inc.

Concrete Washout Systems is an industry pioneer in concrete washout and wastewater removal, treatment and recycling. The company develops concrete waste management technologies that reduce the potential sources of water pollution from construction sites. CWS is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and compliant alternative for homebuilders, contractors, ready-mix and pump operators and environmental engineering firms.