concrete washout pouring out of truck

You need your job site to be efficient without going over budget, risking the environment, and wasting your resources. People like to cut corners when it comes to concrete washout pollution management. We often see tons of jobs get hit with astronomical EPA fines and fees which become an enormous hindrance financially as well as logistically for the remainder of the project.

To add insult to injury, improper management of this concrete washout at your site leads to workers’ wasted time, energy, and resources further magnifying the inefficiency of your site.

Don’t let your job site get hit with big fines and waste your time.

Every other aspect of your operation may be perfect, but if you don’t have a legitimate, safe way to dispose of your concrete washout pollution, you open your site up for a world of problems in terms of EPA-compliance fines, dangerous environmental hazards, and lost time/energy.

The negative environmental and human health impacts of improper washout management can be staggeringly dangerous. Concrete washout water (or washwater) contains a host of toxic metals detrimental to the integrity of the environment, including animal and human populations due to groundwater contamination.

Scrap the idea of making your own, jury-rigged washout pit.

If you plan on using an improvised, make-shift pit to fulfill the role of “washout pollution management,” you need to think again. These shoddy pits are not only going to fail in retaining the concrete washout, they are labor intensive to build, maintain, and repair. It’s often a question of what to do WHEN they fail, not IF they fail. You never want to put your site in that position.

Furthermore, your site needs to adhere to the regulatory requirements of the EPA, state, and local laws. You are not efficient if you are trying to cut corners, bypassing strict regulations that will ultimately lead to hefty fines that can get up to $30,000 per day. Whether you agree with a regulation or not, the reality is that they exist and your job site needs to be compliant with it.

What’s the easiest, most efficient way to manage your concrete washout solution?

We’ve covered how you can inefficiently manage your washout, but let’s dig into the simple solution of efficient concrete washout management.

Our innovative concrete washout containers are heralded as the industry standard in washout management practices. Why? Our containers are:

  • Regulation-compliant.
  • Spill & leak proof.
  • Significantly less labor intensive.
  • Utilized for a 100% recyclable waste management method.
  • Designed for our roll-off trucks that use the latest vacuuming technologies.
  • Part of a fast, one-call service that consistently receives glowing reviews.

Take the risk factor out of your job site. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your site’s concrete washout management as efficient as possible while still being the most cost effective option.