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Concrete Washout Solutions in Jackson was founded to provide a safe, ethical, and ecologically responsible option to the outdated worksite concrete washout techniques. We provide a patent-pending concrete washout container that keeps all concrete washout wastewater and debris in control, capture, and storage. At Concrete Washout Solutions, we understand the significance of balancing construction with environmental impact concerns. But what makes our ramped washout containers different? Keep reading to learn more.

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Holding Capacity

When it comes to holding capacity, our ramped concrete washout containers are unrivaled. With their nearly 900 gallon — that’s equal to 5.5 cubic yards — holding capacity, we help you avoid stress on the job. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Looking for easier washout solutions? Take advantage of the 8-foot x 12-inch catwalk our ramped container provides. Available in both wood and metal, the catwalk attaches across the width of the box.

Wheel Stop

Ideal for trucks using ramps, our washout container ramps are lowered against the bulkhead, creating a wheel stop that was designed with one goal in mind — to make your life a whole lot easier.

Ramp Extensions

The extendable 3-foot ramp extensions attach to the end of the ramp without difficulty. This ensures that no matter the task at hand, you’re ready to do the job safely, quickly, and effectively.

We’ve completely reengineered the entire process of concrete washout at Concrete Washout Solutions. Our ramped concrete washout container is one of our most popular solutions for improved concrete waste management. This concrete washout container is extremely robust and, thanks to the ramp, makes it simple for concrete pump trucks to empty. Keep your jobsite compliant with a ramped concrete washout container, and trust the team at Concrete Washout Solutions in New Jersey to help you get started on your project for concrete washouts in the regions surrounding New Jersey and Philadelphia. Contact us today!

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